Professional Coaching

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

– African Proverb

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Do any of these sound like you?


Let me walk with you as you continue your journey UP.

An established leader who wants to be an even better one

You’re already an accomplished leader who has achieved significant professional milestones. But you have an opportunity to keep growing as a leader and you have a strong desire to continually improve your leadership abilities and you’re your performance to new heights. You recognize the value of ongoing development to refine your leadership style, enhance your decision-making skills, strengthen your communication strategies, and further inspire and motivate your team. Perhaps you’re missing the support from your own leadership team, or just want to take your development into your own hands.


Congrats! You’ve been promoted to a new role that you’ve worked so hard for! You understand the significance of your new responsibilities and are eager to excel in your new position. You aim to seamlessly transition into your role, develop the necessary leadership skills, establish a strong presence, and effectively manage your team to achieve success in your elevated position.


You’re an ambitious individual who is actively pursuing a significant promotion or seeking a new job opportunity. You recognize the importance of professional development in positioning yourself for success. You’re looking for support to enhance your skills, refine your career strategy, and effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with aiming for a higher position.

In transition & Not sure what’s next or how to get there

You’re at a crossroads in your professional journey, feeling uncertain about your current path and craving a more fulfilling and purpose-driven career. You understand that change is necessary but are unsure about the steps to take or the direction to pursue. You want to gain clarity, uncover your true passions and strengths, identify potential career paths, and develop a strategic plan to navigate the transition towards a more rewarding professional life. You need a champion to help you take the next leap.

As your coach, Brittany will support your personal and professional growth regardless of where you are on your path. By leveraging self-awareness, thought-provoking questions, and reflection, we will work together to focus on how to achieve your individual goals. And we’ll probably have a bit of fun along the way!

Are you ready to uplevel with confidence?