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Brittany Szigeti

Brittany Szigeti

Owner, Consultant & Coach

Brittany started her career in advertising, leading the agency relationships with Fortune 100 clients including Nike, Microsoft, American Express and Kraft Foods. After almost a decade of traveling around the world, she made a pivot to a start-up software company in the Media & Entertainment Space where she helped launch relationships and grow revenue with media giants such as AT&T, Sony, Charter, HBO, DISH Networks and more. Another decade later and after experiencing various promotions, a few mergers and acquisitions (oh, and marriage + two babies!), Brittany found herself at the top of her organization, burnt out and yet looking for something more. Various teammates had commented that she was a great “coach” and so she got curious. In 2022, Brittany started a 15-month professional coaching program while also joining her husband in growing a start-up software company in the Construction Industry. She finally has a career that brings fulfillment which is why she’s so passionate about helping others find theirs. 

“My mom has always been my biggest champion and confidante. When things got hard, she’d say “let’s go work it out on the trail” and we’d go hiking. By the time we got to the top of the mountain, we had it all solved!  The trail is where big dreams were envisioned, and hardships were conquered. My goal is to be that champion for others and walk the hardest parts of the trail with them.”

In addition to empowering individuals, Brittany is also passionate about building highly effective teams which is ultimately about relationships. Hence, DevelUP Consulting services are focused on just that: how to recruit, build and grow relationships with both your internal team as well as with your prospects and clients. 

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